Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who is Trellance?
Trellance is a new company formed by CSCU with a vibrant commitment to providing guidance and solutions to help credit unions thrive. Trellance was germinated from the feedback we received from you about challenges with accessing quality talent and expertise to implement new strategies.

Trellance divested CSCU (the payments processing business) in December of 2017 and is now a separate company.

What Changes Can I Expect Now that Trellance Has Divested CSCU? 
Trellance and CSCU are now both separate entities. Your payments processing relationship will be undisturbed and retained by CSCU. You can expect that there will be no disruption or gaps in service for your processing relationship, and the Trellance team will be working closely with CSCU going forward to help ensure a seamless transition.

Does CSCU Still Exist? 
Yes, CSCU does still exist and is now a separate company. They can be reached on their website at  

Why Was Trellance Created?
Trellance was sprouted from the payments experience and expertise of CSCU, and created to focus on offering innovative ideas, programs and services to help credit unions grow and compete. The creation of Trellance is an evolution of our team’s commitment and focus to provide new insights, resources, expertise and execution capabilities to credit unions.
What Lines of Business from CSCU Will Be Retained by Trellance?
CSCU’s OptimizeTM card growth solutions offerings, portfolio consulting and CSCU’s thought leadership initiative The Payments Review will now operate under the Trellance company umbrella.
Our annual conference, called immersion18, will be held under the Trellance brand at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from May 7-11, 2018.  Learn more using this link:
What Is the Difference Between Trellance and CSCU?
Trellance and CSCU are two separate entities. 
  • Trellance is a CUSO focused on offering innovative ideas, programs and services to help credit unions grow and compete. We offer card portfolio consulting services, card growth solutions and insights through our thought leadership initiative The Payments Review.
  • CSCU is the payments processing business; Trellance divested CSCU in December 2017.
 How Can I Reach Trellance?
  • Trellance has a new website
  • Our phone number will remain unchanged and you can still reach us at: (888) 930-2728.
  • Our team will have new email addresses at the domain using the same name prefix as our CSCU email addresses.  For example, Tom Davis’ previous email was, and you can now reach him at
  • You can find the Trellance employee directory using this link:
Who Do I Know at Trellance?
Trellance will be led by President & CEO Tom Davis, and CSCU’s experienced portfolio consulting team will also be on board to further enhance the company’s ability to help credit unions thrive. You’ll see a lot of familiar, friendly faces at Trellance.
What is Trellance's Ownership and Corporate Structure?
Like CSCU in the past, Trellance will operate as a not-for-profit cooperative CUSO and will inherit CSCU’s article of incorporation, bylaws, and board of directors.  All equity and ownership from CSCU will be retained by Trellance. 
My Credit Union is a CSCU Member. What Will Happen with Our Equity?
CSCU's articles of incorporation, bylaws, federal identification number and equity are all retained with Trellance.

What Does the Name Trellance Represent?
We are excited about our new name, as it represents what we do for our credit unions. Inspired by the interlocking strength and support of a garden trellis, our new name represents the structure and solutions we provide to help credit unions thrive. The name also alludes to the positive impact our services provide for credit unions, as our team is committed to providing guidance to help enhance your credit and debit card portfolios, with a focus on your performance.

What is OptimizeTM?
Under the Trellance brand, OptimizeTM will continue to offer both programmatic and customized marketing campaigns to help credit unions engage their members, managed entirely by Trellance from development to implementation on behalf of the participating credit union. From acquisition and activation programs, to letter and statement checks, to balance transfer promotions and more, our OptimizeTM portfolio offers a variety of proven growth solutions to help credit unions use meaningful data to advance their business growth in an impactful way.
What Does the Future Hold for Trellance?
We have a lot of exciting announcements coming in 2018!  You can expect that we’ll be adding more valuable services to our portfolio to align ourselves with the needs of credit unions.